All of our inventory is located at our warehouse in Columbiana, Ohio. We are ready to sample, sort and ship at very short notice, which is a great help to many of our customer's who offer just in time delivery service for their orders.

90% of our inventory is photographed. As a service to our customers, we have put this extensive catalogue online, for fast, convenient and instant access primarily to our exotic, special and imported wood veneer logs.

Our clients, many of whom are resellers, can download a zip file of all of the pictures in each log, can then forward them onto their clients for approval. Bundle tallies can also be viewed and downloaded.


Veneerfinder was created as a seperate portal to post our inventory. Our " identity neutral" website enables our client's (many of whom are wholesalers), to use the site with confidence, while also having the ability to pass on the selection to their customer's.

Veneerfinder has been in service for almost 3 years now. The inventory is kept current, as a result it has become a reliable source of supply and an invaluable marketing tool for our customer base.

A static list of our current inventory items are listed bellow. For more detailed information on our current stock, Check out our web portal, where you can view pictures, tallies and download details click here:

Domestic Hardwood Species:

We are surrounded by an abundant supply of North American species. We are also close to several local veneer mills, where we produce; Cherry, Walnut, Maple and White Oak on a regular basis. Since these items often are often sold on an order basis, we do not post a much of our domestic stock on Veneerfinder. Please feel free to contact us at anytime, to inquiry about our Domestic wood veneer program.

Domestic Softwood Species:

Intrex International sources a variety of Softwood species from the West coast, Primarily Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, and ocassionaly Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Port Orford Cedar). These logs are transported to the local mills. Availablity of ALL west coast species in veneers is available in limited quantities, we advise you to contact us to check with inbound material.